Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30th, 2010 - Day 7

With many waking up before the sun several began preparing for this morning’s 5K Run/Walk. Most of the boys decided to participate and earn their 5K Run patch segment. The starting gate dropped at 6AM and the boys were off on their 3.1 mile adventure. For some it wasn’t much later that they began to stumble back into camp tired and sweaty.

Toasted Oats, strawberry yogurt, and muffins graced our table this morning as everyone settled down to eat before the day’s activities. As usual clean up went pretty smooth, however the boys had a little bit too much fun with the cereal and the grinder buckets. They seemed to put too much in the buckets causing them to overflow and make a mess. After being tasked to clean up the mess and properly dispose of the food the boys decided to not be so carless even though they had fun doing it.

The boys spent all day out and around the Jamboree working hard on earning their patch segments, and having blast doing it. However being an assistant scoutmaster my day was a little less eventful. I spent part of the morning writing for the blog and waiting in the line for the Dunkin Donuts that sits a just a few hundred feet from our campsite. This was the first time that I had made it to the fully operational store that sells donuts, coffee, tea, and many other items that you would see in a normal store. The donut shop has been a huge hit amongst the boys here which is obvious by the lengthy query times that are usually upwards of 45 minutes to an hour.

Later that evening as we gathered back in our campsite for our evening meal of hamburgers, potato salad, and brownies; we had a large sheet cake brought to us for “John’s Birthday”. Even though it wasn’t really John’s Birthday the boys and adults welcomed the cake with open mouths. The cake white cake’s decoration featured the National Jamboree logo and tasted just as good as it looked. John did the honors of cutting the cake since it was his birthday, and many took a part in celebrating the occasion by eating a piece or two or three.

The plan for the evening was to take the boys to see the Kawahdi Indian Dancers at the central region stage. Starting just a little after 8 PM our scout got to see the dancing of a scout group out of Amarillo, Texas with some of the most elaborate and intricate costumes I have ever seen. Many have got to see these dancers over the years because they perform often for scout groups traveling to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. This group has traveled all over the nation performing their Native American dances all while spreading the word of scouting everywhere they go. Talk amongst the boys after the hour and fifteen minute show was nothing but praise of how well the group performed, which for many sparked them to want to be just as good of Mic-O-Say dancers. At the conclusion of the show wee traveled back to our camp to get a good nights rest after a long and tiring day.

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