Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pony Express Council Commemorative Patches

Every year that the National Scout Jamboree is held each council releases a commemorative patch to commemorate the occasion. This year’s patch is special because it celebrates scouting’s 100 years and the Jamboree in a one time issue that can only be collected through one of the contingent members. Each patch has “ghosted” the tribute of 100 years of scouting with in the patch boarders and is sure to be a sought after collectors item. Very few patches were made and those lucky enough to have received one or any of these patches hold a historic and momentous piece of Pony Express Council history.

The above patch was designed specially for the contingent to be sewn on their Backpack’s and Duffle Bags in order to distinguish them from other similar bags. Less than 200 of these were produced and of that quantity 70 were placed on the bags for the contingent. Leaving very few left over, each troop participant received only 3 of these in which they can use for trading or keeping.

This is the commemorative council patch. As stated above this patch helps commemorate scouting’s centennial and the 17th National Jamboree which is being held at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia. 20 of these patches were handed out to each of the participants making this quite the collector’s item as well.

Without the Mic-O-Say program it would be hard to say that the Pony Express Council would exist, but because of its great success amongst the boys, the Pony Express Council is thriving and continuing to grow. The council decided to produce the special Mic-O-Say flap seen above to celebrate not only the tribe’s success over the years but scouting’s success in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. Again 20 of these were handed out to each of the troop members, and because Mic-O-Say’s confinement to just this area of the country it makes it especially rare amongst the sea of Order of the Arrow patches at the Jamboree.

To wrap up the set these troop numeral patches were custom made to distinguish the Pony Express Council contingent troop. The number 1122 is assigned by the National Staff working on the Jamboree and helps designate what subcamp and campsite we are in. The troop will be camping in subcamp 11 and campsite 22, which will be located in the central region of the Jamboree. Only 2 of these were handed out to each contingent member to be placed on their uniform.

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