Monday, September 27, 2010

National Jamboree Reunion - September 26th, 2010

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in late September the 2010 Pony Express National Jamboree Contingent met for the last time to remember the good times had this summer at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia. During this time of fellowship the scouts and the parents got to swap stories and pictures about the experience making for an enjoyable time for all those that attended. The dining hall proved to be a great location as the participants spread out their pictures, patches, and other mementos on the tables for all to see. Proudly showing off their accomplishments and fond memories the boys connected for the last time as Troop 1122.

This was also a great opportunity to pass out the activity rockers that represent the various activities that went on during the Jamboree. There are a total of 6 segments that are placed around the bottom portion of the Jamboree patch and form a half circle. The order seen here from left to right is: Duty to God, Mysterium Compass, 5K Run/Walk, Action Centers, Outback Centers, Activities.

We also collected the faulty backpacks from all those that brought them to the meeting so they could be returned for a new one. Problems ranging from the shoulder straps falling off to the zippers falling apart appeared to be common amongst most of the backpacks. With a plan set in place to return these back to the company that made them, we plan on receiving new replacements for all those returned. As soon as more information is made known an update will be posted on here in regards to this situation.

Lastly this event was an opportunity to reclaim lost items from the trip's Lost/Found. With tables setup to accommodate the amount of unclaimed items, boys and parents sifted through a pile of clothes and camping equipment to find anything that belonged to them. Although several items remain unclaimed, several items were recovered and taken back home to be used again for the next camping trip.

Thank you to all who attended and made this last meeting another great memory to add to our National Jamboree experience.