Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Welcome Scouts and Scout Parents,

I have just recently started this blog as a means to communicate with all those interested in keeping up with the Pony Express National Scout Jamboree contingent. Our troop has decided that it would be a good idea to take notes of our journey and create a journal of our daily activities. The troop/patrol scribes committed at the last shakedown to create daily reports that will be received by our troop scribe (Drew Davies) so we can put together a timeline of our expedition east. This type of journal will not only give the parents an idea of what we experienced, but it keeps a living memory for those interested to look back upon in the years to come. In the past this journal has been on paper and provided a blind insight of the daily life at the Jamboree. For several the memories and experiences are only captured by the minds of those in attendance. With the technology advancements and improved internet service at the Jamboree site, we will be able to create window for all those back home to experience the Jamboree through our pictures and journal entries. I will be working with each of the scribes’ everyday to help them create a story of their troop/patrol experiences to be posted on this blog. My plan is to post daily, but my duties as an Assistant Scoutmaster come first, and if I miss a day I apologize in advance. I will do my best to keep everyone informed and share our experience with as many as possible.


Matt Becker

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