Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25th, 2010 - Day 2

Unfortunately we arrived back late to the hotel this evening and I am pretty tired so my post this evening will be much shorter than yesterday’s but my plan is to go back later and add more when time is available. I will post pictures in the order in which we saw them with a short caption explaining what is being showed.

Breakfast at the Hyatt Hotel

The Boy Scout Memorial
Scout Oath on the side of the Boy Scout Memorial

The Treasury Department Building

1600 Pennsylvania Ave - White House Address

Troop 1122 in front of the White House - North Lawn

The White House - South Lawn

The National Museum of The American Indian

The National Museum of Air & Space

The National Museum of Natural History
Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

Kennedy Gravesite
Backside of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

Changing of the Guard - Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

Iwo Jima Marine Memorial

Korean Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Armand's Pizza - Supper

Washington Monument

Sunset at the Washington Monument
As we settle into our beds at our hotel, everyone is doing well and from what I can tell having fun too. After a long day of traveling all over our nation's capital the group is looking forward to a good nights rest in an air conditioned building before we travel south to Fort A.P. Hill tomorrow afternoon. Excitement is building and questions about what to expect at the Jamboree has been the talk of the troop and other scouts in the area as we prepare for the biggest celebration of scouting ever. Like I said earlier I will add more to today's post when time permits so keep watching for new information to be posted. I apologize for not having the time to write more but a wise man once told me that a picture was worth a thousand words so please take a look at the pictures posted and stay tuned for more. Thanks again for all your support and to those that left comments as well. We miss you all and we will be home soon!


  1. Matt-
    Beautiful pictures, really nicely done! You guys are covering a lot of ground! I'm excited to see the coming posts, Miss you!

  2. Talk about a whirlwind tour of D.C. Seeing all of that makes a person proud of the country we live in. And proud of an impressive group of scouts! Rana K.