Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Final Dance Practice (7/20/10)

The rain held off long enough for the Pony Express Council's National Jamboree Contingent to have their final Mic-O-Say Practice before they leave this Saturday. The group has worked very hard to prefect their dancing skills over the last 6 weeks and the practice shows. In the above photo the group is performing the Buffalo Dance which depicts the tribe's hunting techniques in capturing enough food for the long winter. This dance is one of the many dances the troop will be performing while at the Jamboree, in order to show the other troops in attendance what Mic-O-Say is all about. Since Mic-O-Say is a localized program that is unique to Camp Geiger and the Bartle Scout Reservation down in Kansas City, most of the other scouts attending the Jamboree will have never heard of our honor camping society. There are only 2 council's in the entire nation that do not have an Order of the Arrow (OA) program and the Pony Express Council is one of those councils. In order to establish a better knowledge of our program to the other jamboree participants, the contingent will be showing off their newly acquired dance skills at the Jamboree in various public dances. This provides a great opportunity for others to ask questions and learn more about how well our Mic-O-Say program works. Also while at the Jamboree those that have participated in enough practices and dances will have the chance to earn dance coup, of which will be some tribesman earning their first coup as new Braves in the tribe.

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