Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3rd, 2010 - Day 11

The last full day at the Jamboree was a busy one for everyone, as boys scrambled to complete activities, pack up our campsite, and perform 2 Mic-O-Say dances. The boys were told to be back in camp by 2 PM so we would have enough time to pack up most of our gear and get it loaded onto the truck. I personally decided to spend most of the day in camp to try and help organize the campsite tear down process, but several of the boys had other plans for the morning to try and get the most out of the Jamboree. A good sized group decided it would be fun to try and meet snowboarder Shaun White who was visiting the Jamboree over near the Mountain Boarding area on the other side of camp. Others went to the Mysterium Compass and some went back to some of the other areas that they had done before and had fun at. Either way it was a good time and everyone got have some last minute fun before the hard work began.

A few scouts showed up after lunch to begin helping tear down camp, and the rest trickled in as it got closer and closer to 2 o’clock. Personal gear was packed up first so tents could be cleaned and swept, and then came tables, dining fly and other troop equipment. This went on for a few hours until we stopped for our beanie weenie supper, as scouts sat on top of their gear boxes to eat their last cooked meal at the Jamboree.

It wasn’t long after supper that we began to get dressed for our last 2 Mic-O-Say dances bringing our total to 3 for the trip. Our first dance was performed just outside the staff dining tent for subcamp 11 as several Jamboree staff members watched as they ate their meal. Warm applause was given after each dance letting us know how much they appreciated their dinner and a show. Our second dance started about 45 minutes after the first one ended and was performed to an audience of central region action center staff members. This was our biggest audience that we had performed for so we made sure to put on a good show. For many this was also their 3rd dance which made them eligible for their first dance coup. Several yellow coup were handed out to all those that completed 3 dances and 3 practices. Also some red dance coup was handed out as well to those older tribesmen who had completed 9 dances and 9 practices.

With our dancing performances over with for the Jamboree we hiked back to camp to get undressed and finish packing most of our gear. With a quick trip through the shower to get cleaned up for our early morning departure everyone crawled into a crowed tent for one last night at Fort A.P.Hill.

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