Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2nd, 2010 - Day 10

As the Jamboree starts to draw to a close many of the participants feverishly make their plans for the next two days in order to complete everything they wanted to accomplish during their stay. The maps were spread out on the tables and groups were starting to form to make a detailed timeline of where and when they were going to be. Everyone really wants to complete each of the 6 activity segments, so teamwork was being used to get the job done. However before the day begins we all gathered around to participate in a daily devotional in order to complete the last requirement for the Duty to God segment; seen leading this devotional is one of our Patrol Leaders’ Ethan Nichols.

As I went about my daily rounds I decided to head east from our campsite and take a stroll through Merit Badge midway one last time to take part in some of the activities and see the Indian Village. The Indian Village is used for dancing by the Order of the Arrow members at various times and has seating surrounding the arena. Also located near by were some tipis, various artifacts of Native American culture, and a Lewis & Clark exhibit. On the west side of merit badge midway I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a cool looking car so walked over to see what it was. It turned out to be a brand new Chevy Camaro with a military inspired paint job that really made the car stand out and get noticed. It was truly a beautiful paint job and a real joy to take in from a spectator’s point of view.

As I left merit badge midway I walked by the NESA (National Eagle Scout Association) tent and saw that they had one of their bald eagles out and doing a presentation, so being the curious person I am I went over to get a few pictures and listen to what was been told. This eagle is one of several that the National Eagle Center watches over and takes care of in a controlled environment. They have been taking care of this bird for a few years now and will not be releasing her back into the wild at any time. She got hit by a car and broke her left wing in so many places that it will never fully heal, so they have chosen to keep her to do presentations and keep her living as long as possible. The presenter was very knowledgeable and seemed to love what he was doing making the presentation that much better.

Later that evening as we finished supper we had a special ceremony in our campsite to honor those that advanced in scout rank while at the National Jamboree. Our court of honor was held for Morgan Farrell and Tristan Meyer as they received their new scout rank. Morgan was presented with his Star Scout badge and Tristan with his Life Scout badge. Another award was handed out as well during this ceremony as both Mack Cory and Drew Davies received a patch set from the Cascade Pacific Council. Assistant Scoutmaster Ken Siemens presented the patches to the two well deserving individuals, as a gift from a long time scouter Mike Parnell who now lives in Oregon.

In order to properly celebrate we had another delicious cake delivered to be eaten later as a cracker barrel before we headed to bed. But the evenings activities were far from over as several of the boys decided to participate in the Rock Band video game competition. Making teams the boys headed to the central stage to show off their skills trying to take home the win. When they arrived at the stage there was already a live band performing and the boys quickly jumped in and sang along as the military group performed songs that everyone knew the lines too. Shortly after the band was done packing up the competition began and even though everyone tried really hard, unfortunately none of our guys won. As night came so did the hungry mouths of cake deprived boys as we devoured our 2nd cake of the trip before hitting the hay for the night.

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